2016 - Spring Minutes


Minutes of AGM and Spring Meeting 2016 of Medway and District Branch on 8th March 2016 at Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne.


Apologies received from Joan Carver, Brian Ward, Frank Gallagher and Ivan Reid.


A list of all those colleagues who have passed away was read out to the meeting and minutes silence was observed.

Minutes of Summer Meeting

The minutes of the Winter Meeting 2015 were agreed by the Meeting and duly signed as a true record by the Chairman and Secretary.

Election of Officers and Committee

No standing members have expressed a wish to stand down and therefore with agreement of the Meeting the status remains the same with all elected unopposed.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman attended a Liaison Meeting at FHQ where it was found that Kent police are again recruiting in reasonable numbers for full time Police Officers. The Chairman also stated that further car parking was to be made available at FHQ in the near future.

The Chairman attended a further Passing Out Parade at FHQ in February 2016.

The Chairman also attended the Old Comrades Meeting at FHQ on 17th February 2016 where the date of the old Comrades Lunch was set for 29th July 2016 and again only those that elected last year to be considered would be notified.

The Chairman reiterated that the Benevolent Fund has raised the death Grant to £2000 the non means tested Grant has been raised to £500 and loans have a 0% fee attached to them.

The Chairman and Secretary will be attending a No 5 Region Meeting at Police Federation HQ in April 2016.

The Chairman will shortly send out on the website details of two trips that he would like to run for members the first being The Tenterden Light Railway and the second a River Boat Trip from Guildford with afternoon tea.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Secretary and Treasurers Report

The Secretary read out all correspondence received. He asked that that members’ complete surveys on what they wish to see advertised in the NARPO News as this assists HQ in getting the correct balance. HQ is also asking for any items of interest to be included in NARPO News are submitted to Secretaries and in our region we are due an allocated spot in January 2017.  If any member has any item of interest please send details to Secretary.

The Secretary and Chairman delivered the £50 Christmas Gift to widows in December 2015 apart from those out of area and these were posted.  There are 28 widows in the Branch and the cost is £1400. All those sent money have acknowledged receipt and thanked the Branch for this gift. The Meeting again agreed to continue this practise this year with again £50 being gifted to each widow.

The Branch funds are very healthy with all monies owed having been paid and no matters are outstanding.

Any Other Business

The issue of those being owed monies from Commutation being incorrectly calculated will hopefully be resolved soon, although it came to light the following day that there are issues with those officers who have passed away and also some with those who are not with the same partner. It is hoped all these problems will be quickly dealt with and all issues finalised.

The Force Group Life Insurance Scheme run by the police Federation finished originally when retired officer attained the age of 65 years but has now been extended to 70 years.

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 2045 hours.  The next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th July 2016 at 1930 hours at same venue.


Signed...............................................................Mr T. Lynch Chairman