2018 - Winter Newsletter


Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Goldfarb

7 Saracen Fields, Walderslade, Chatham, ME5 9DG

Telephone: 01634 683034 - E-mail: goldfarb65@btinternet.com  - Branch website www.medwaynarpo.org

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You are cordially invited to attend the half yearly meeting of the Branch to be held at, The Avenue Theatre, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne (opposite Police Station), at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 13th November 2018.


  1. Apologies

  2. Obituaries

  3. Minutes of Summer Meeting

  4. Chairman’s Report

  5. Matters arising

  6. Half yearly Secretary’s Report

  7. Treasurer’s Report

  8. Any Other Business

Chairman's Report

Following the Spring Meeting of the Branch on Tuesday 20th March 2018, the Chairman attended the South Eastern Area NARPO Regional Meeting at Federation House in Leatherhead in April, where a lot of discussion took place concerning the new GDPR Data Protection Act, which came in to force on the 25th May this year. Although there was a lot of 'Do's and Dont’s’ of what we can and cannot do. The operative word is acting reasonable with people's Personal Data and obtaining permission from them about the use of it and taking the necessary steps to protecting it. Following this the Chairman attended a one day course at Calcott, near Reading on Thursday 26th April 2018, which was a  run by NARPO HQ at Wakefield and the input was given by a solicitor, who was advising NARPO, again a terrific lot of input/handouts were given covering all aspects of the new GDPR Data Protection Regulations.

NARPO reaches its 100 year Centenary in June 2019 and to commemorate this there will be a Formal Dinner which will be held at the Tower of London. In order to celebrate this in Kent, it was suggested and decided by all the five Kent Branches that we would arrange a Sunday Lunch on Sunday the 12th May 2019 at the Cornwallis Suite, in Tovil, near Maidstone. Each Branch will have an allocation of 30 tickets restricted to a NARPO member, plus one guest (Member's wife or a friend) at a cost of £20 and the event will be subsidised. Details will shortly be put on the Branch Website and a copy of the pre-printed Booking Form giving full details, also a  copy of the Menu (with choice of meals).

The Chairman has continued to attend regular Quarterly Meeting's of NARPO Kent Branches at FHQ Training School, also Police ' Passing Out Parades' at the Training School, which are becoming more frequent due to a lot of new Recruits undergoing Training. Recently Steve Bull one of our Members and Retired Kent Dog Handler has also attended, which was nice to see and appreciated by the Training Staff at FHQ.

Following a lot of discussion by NARPO at Wakefield, suggestion was made that if Branches cannot fulfil their commitment in having a properly constituted Committee of a Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as a Management Committee, then Branches would be looked at with a view of possibly amalgamating with another Branch nearby or in the same area. Medway & District Branch certainly do not want this to happen, As we do not have a Vice Chairman since Brian Ward had to stand down due to family health reasons and he has now moved Branches for the same reason, we have been without a Vice Chairman for some considerable time. Steve Bull has offered to stand in as Vice Chairman to help out, therefore keeping 'Our Branch' together.

Terry Lynch

Secretary's Report

Winter is upon us once again and with increased costs for nearly every item required in order to live times for pensioners are becoming increasingly difficult and no political party seems to care or want to do anything about it.  Police pensions will increase next year in line with the CPI (Consumer Price Index) which for September 2018 stood at 2.4%. 

It appears that the fiasco over Brexit is no nearer to being resolved and quite frankly if these are the sort of individuals running this country and those running the E.U. then I despair any outcome will ever happen. 

The Branch will again this year give a Christmas Gift to widows in the sum of £50 and again the Chairman and I will deliver these in person to all those who live with the area.  The remainder will be sent a cheque in the post. 

In relation to the Centenary Meal being organised by Kent Branches this will need to correctly costly so that the Branch are aware. The issues will be discussed at the meeting and it is hoped that all the management Committee will be at the Meeting. 

Finally may I wish all members a happy, healthy and prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Death of Members

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to notify members of the death of two members the first being Life Member Maurice Gobble who sadly passed away of the 9th September 1918.  Maurice was a stalwart of the Branch and showed exceptional support to the Branch over many years and our sincere and heartfelt condolences go to his wife and family for this tragic loss. 

The other member was Michael Stuart who passed away on the 17th September 2018.  Michael was one of the nicest and most respected men I have ever had the privilege to know and work with and our condolences go to his daughters for this tragic loss.


Former Supt 2372 Peter Smith           Died 27/2/18   Last served Tunbridge Wells

Former Sgt 2659 Joyce Booty            Died 10/3/18   Last served Sittingbourne

Former PC 5074 Terry Graves           Died 26/3/18  Last served Sheerness

Former DC 6994 Gregory Fright        Died 23/3/18  Last served Gravesend

Former PC 6947Alan Reed                Died 2/4/18     Last served Faversham

Former DC 4751 Edward Files           Died 20/4/18   Last served Tonbridge

Former DC 9257 Ian Chandler           Died 9/5/18     Last served S.B.

Former PC 4642 David Joyce            Died 7/5/18     Last served Rochester

Former DS 5174 Paul Lepper            Died 9/5/18     Last served SB Dover

Former PC 3746 Peter Booker           Died 10/5/18   Last served Medway

Former PC 6769 Tina Jones              Died 6/5/18     Last served Margate

Former DC 6979 Norman Reid          Died 15/5/18   Last served Dover Ports

Former DC 6548 Diane Newell          Died 28/5/18   Last served FHQ

Former Ch/Insp Stephen Hansford    Died 30/5/18   No Service History

Former PC 8002 Stephen Burr          Died 9/6/18     Last served Tac Ops

Former PC 2592 Arthur Giles             Died 10/6/18   Last served Dartford

Former Sgt 6361 Simon Terry            Died 12/6/18   Last served Sevenoaks

Former PC 2052 Frank Jobson          Died 15/6/18   Last served Dover

Former PC 5995 Alan Godden           Died 17/6/18   Last served Coldharbour

Former PC 3209 Alexander Walter    Died 29/6/18   Last served FHQ

Former PC 3603 Barry Cotton            Died 8/7/18     Last served Dover Ports

Former Insp 1759 William Russell     Died 3/7/18     Last served Maidstone

Former PC 2331 Brian Goodwin        Died 22/7/18   Last served Hadlow

Former PC 5426 Paul Rayner            Died 16/7/18   Last served FHQ

Former Sgt 2337 Raymond Tomlin    Died 13/8/18   Last served Gravesend

Former Sgt 3093 Maurice Penfold     Died 23/7/18   Last served Canterbury

Former Sgt 1517 George White         Died 13/8/18   Last served Faversham

Former PC 2303 Peter Cook              Died 17/8/18   Last served Deal

Former PC 2784 Roger Brooker        Died 20/8/18   Last served Swanley

Former Sgt 2683 John Connor           Died 15/8/18   Last served Deal

Former Supt 2360 Michael Pursey     Died 10/9/18   Last served FHQ

Former CH/Insp Barbara Duckworth  Died 17/9/18   Last served FHQ

Former PC 4557 Michael Stuart         Died 17/9/18   Last served Rochester

Former Supt 3919 John Wallace        Died 13/9/18   Last served FHQ

Former PC2281 Maurice Goble         Died 9/9/18     Last served Sheerness

Former Ch/Insp 2958 Brain Cull         Died 15/9/18   Last served Chatham

Former Ch/Supt 2852 Michael Whitfield Died 6/10/18 Last served Ashford

Election of Vice Chairman

As previously shown in Chairman’s Report Mr Steve Bull has put himself forward as Branch Vice Chairman and a vote will be put to the meeting and should any other member wish to put themselves forward they should notify the Chairman prior to the meeting.

Kent Police Remembrance Day Service

There will be a Police Remembrance Service held at the front of the Police Headquarters Building at Sutton Road, Maidstone at 11.00 am on Friday the 9th November 2018. Both Regular also Retired Officers are welcome to attend. It is asked that those wishing to attend are asked to assemble at 10.40 am for the 11.00 am Service, where a wreath will be laid. Maidstone Branch of NARPO will be laying a wreath on behalf of the Kent Branches of NARPO. Following the Service refreshments will be provided in the Cliff Room, just behind the Main entrance of the Headquarter's Building.

Members Change of Details

Should any member change address or other details then please notify the Secretary in order that paperwork arrives at correct site with correct details. Can we also request that all those that have email addresses send these to the Secretary as we have 312 members and I feel sure some have not provided an email address.  The reason for requesting email addresses is to try to save on the high costs of printing and postage and thus provide the Branch with funds to improve the service we are able to provide to pensioners. 

Your assistance in providing these email details would be greatly appreciated.  We understand that not all members have email addresses and these will continue to receive Newsletters by post as normal.

Pension Rise

The CPI for September 2018 was 2.4% and this will be the rise given to next year’s pension. The increase in Subscriptions to NARPO will rise by the same amount.

Welfare & Benevolent Fund

The Branch run a welfare section and any member with any problems should contact the Secretary for advice etc.  All conversations and dealings are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Welfare representatives are Bruce Goldfarb and Terry Lynch.

Branch Website

Those members that have access to the Branch website at www.medwaynarpo.org are reminded to check the site regularly for updates.  Should any member wish to advertise items for sale etc on this website then please contact the Secretary. 

The website shows all latest updates and as you are aware we no longer send a separate email informing those on computers etc that we have put a new item onto site it is a simple matter to check the Branch website regularly.

Committee Member

Chairman  - Mr Terry Lynch

Vice Chairman - Vacant

Secretary/Treasurer - Mr Bruce Goldfarb

Committee Members

Mr Christopher Mayes  

Mr Jim Rayment  

Mr Maurice Baggott  

Mr Frank Gallagher 

Notification of Any Other Business

Should any member have any item that they wish to raise at this meeting they should notify the Secretary in order that the matter can be researched and discussed in detail. The dates for 2019 Meetings will be place onto Branch website in the near future. 

Bruce T. Goldfarb

Secretary Medway & District Branch NARPO