Flint House Announce Changes


Flint House Announce Changes to Admission Process For Retried Officers

NARPO President Ian Potter has received a letter from The Chairman Of Trustees at The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House which sets out a recent decision made by the Trustees in relation to the treatment of Retired Officers:

‘As advised and effective from January 1st 2016 all retired officers admitted for treatment at Flint House will be charged £80.00 per day (£400 per five day stay) – inclusive of accommodation, treatment etc. Patients applying for admission will be advised of this new charge. Ian, I am sure you realise that this decision was not taken lightly, any increase to either the level of serving officer donations or the introduction of charges for retired officers is unlikely to be popular within the police community although I would suggest that the inevitable alternative to these changes would be much less popular.’

In reaction to the decision NARPO President Ian Potter said:

‘Following on so soon after the decision of the Police Treatment Centres, this has come as yet another bombshell to NARPO and is another body blow for retired officers, who are seeing a rapid erosion in their entitlement and opportunity to receive treatment for their injuries and illnesses, many of which were sustained on duty, despite them donating to the Rehabilitation Centre throughout their service.

Yet again, as with the decision made by the Police Treatment Centres we are extremely disappointed and dismayed that we have not even been consulted on the matter whatsoever, and have effectively been denied any opportunity to put across our views on behalf of our members.

This decision will impact the most vulnerable of our members who need treatment but have not got the disposable income required to pay the rates set by the Trustees. We will continue to consult with our sister associations in Northern Ireland and Scotland with a view to determining a course of action to challenge this decision if at all possible.’

Website: http://www.narpo.org.uk/index.php/notices.html

Again this is another very disappointing decision in relation to the welfare of our members and again the lack of any consultation process is very frustrating and disappointing.


Steve Edwards

Deputy Chief Executive

01924 331 251 - www.narpo.org