Job Vacancy August 2018


Dear all

I apologies if this is not the proper protocol for notifying NARPO (Kent) of such things but I would appreciate your assistance in advertising a role that we have available on the Kent Police Website.

The role is Investigative Coach based at North Kent and East Kent Divisions.

It is an exciting job which will in the main involve assisting officers to complete their Detective Portfolios, advising and developing detectives within the work place. The role and professionalisation of the detective is back in the national spotlight at long last and Kent are working hard to be at the forefront. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who would enjoy passing on their experience and knowledge to those just beginning in their career.

If anyone would like to have a chat about this then please give me a ring or email me.

Thank you in anticipation

Paul Hodgkinson

Tele 01622.652452 or email