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From: Nick Orde-Powlett<nick@trustinblue.com>
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Subject: Retired Police Work Opportunities

Dear Bruce

I am writing to you from Trust in Blue regarding new work opportunities available to NARPO members. In addition to our established teams of retired police decorators and tradespeople TIB is now recruiting reliable and helpful relief caretakers to support local schools and care homes.

We are launching a new team in the Medway area and I would be grateful if you could circulate the below information to your members.  The new role is well suited to competent DIYers and does not require the same level of trade/decorating experience as our maintenance division, I’m therefore hoping that the flexible opportunities will be suited to many more of your local NARPO membership.

Let me know if you have any questions or require further information at this stage.

Kind regards,


Nick Orde-Powlett

Managing Director

T: 0333 772 9633  E: helpdesk@trustinblue.com 



Relief Caretaker Work Opportunities

Location: Medway

Typically paying around £84-£120 per day.


For full details register your interest in Relief Caretaking online: trustinblue.com/work 

Flexible short and medium term temporary work opportunities supporting local school and care home staff in and around Medway.

As a self-employed relief caretaker (or site manager) you will have full control over the dates you work, types of job you take on and the geographic area you wish to cover – typically within 25 minutes of your home.

Before accepting each job you will be supplied with full details of the daily hours, location and tasks required and you will then be able to accept or decline each individual opportunity. You will set your own work-life balance, deciding whether to make yourself available full time or part time.

Working in sensitive care home and school environments, Trust in Blue exclusively recruits trustworthy, reliable and helpful retired police officers who genuinely want to make a difference. We need team players who will be flexible in responding to the needs of the job and who pull their weight to ensure the smooth running of the property for the client.

You do not need any related qualifications but you should as a minimal requirement be a competent and confident DIYer. You must have excellent communication and people skills. You should have First Aid training. Any property maintenance, trade or mini bus driving experience is a bonus.

Working with TIB you will enjoy the benefits of being part of an established business which has been successfully operating for over five years with access to our national and regional client base as well as support from other team members. At the same time you have all the freedoms of a self employed individual to pick jobs and work when you want to.

For full details register your interest in Relief Caretaking online: trustinblue.com/work